Soundmap is a unique way to experience your surroundings. We've created a series of audio tours that are full of interviews, music and stories. These tours are now available for free download.

To do a tour, you simply go to the start point; press play on your MP3 player and then the narrator will tell you everything you need to know.

Each tour is approximately an hour in length and is designed to be one continuous experience giving you a wonderful insight into the area.

What do I need to get going with Soundmap?

It's a very simple process: Soundmap is an audio tour and map that you download to your computer. You then transfer the audio files to your MP3 device, such as an iPod, or burn to a CD. Once you've done this, print out the map, head to the start point, press play and off you go!

What happens when I download a walk?

After you click one of the download links, the download will begin automatically and a single 'zip' file will be saved to your computer. This zip file contains the audio files, a map of the route and notes about the tour.

What format is the walk in?

Our walks are supplied in the MP3 format. The walks will work on any MP3 software such as iTunes, Windows Media Player or RealPlayer and can also be transferred to any portable player that supports this format such as an iPod.

What is a Zip file?

A zip file is a compressed directory that allows us to send you the entire audio tour and map in one convenient download. On most modern computers you just need to click on the folder and it will automatically 'unzip'. If you do need to download extra software then try the following:

What do I do once I've downloaded the zip file?

Once you have your zip file saved on your computer do the following:

  • Click on the file to 'unzip' the folder and then save the unzipped files to your computer.
  • Open the software you normally use to listen to music.
  • Select "add to library" and then add the Soundmap folder to your music library.

How do I get the tour onto my MP3 Player / iPod?

Once you've got the walk into your music software you can transfer it to your portable player. Most software will automatically 'sync' with your MP3 player / iPod when you plug it in to update it with your walk. Then print out the map, put your shoes on, head to the starting point and press play!

Do I have to print the map and bring it with me to do the tour?

The narrator provides all the directions on where you need to go. It is not essential to take the map with you, however most people like to print out the map to be absolutely sure they are following the correct route. (please see individual tour notes for further advice about this.)

How do I view and print out the map?

The map comes in the form of a PDF. You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the map. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from here (

Do I have to do the whole tour in one go?

Our walks are designed to be one continuous experience that you can just press play and go. However there are track markers at various points along the walk so if you do wish to stop for whatever reason, note where you are in the walk and simply skip to that track. If you are only going to be stopping briefly then press PAUSE on your MP3 player whilst you stop and PLAY to resume.

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